In therapy, East African Healing Services work with you to understand the challenges you are facing while establishing a positive therapeutic relationship to help you create and achieve your personal goals.

Our staff has treatment specialties that include:

War/strong Violence
Refugee Camps/migration Trauma
Anger Management
Grief + Loss
Family And Relationship Issues
Chemical Dependency
Domestic Abuse
Cultural Awareness

Group/Family Therapy

Family/Group Counseling EAHS is focused on helping your family work through communication difficulties and tough situations, as well as helping your family feel more stable and supported as a “team.” group therapy is based in the belief that what is happening to one member of the family will have an impact on others within the family. Family therapy provides the opportunity for all your family members to come together and work through problems which interfere with happiness in the home.

What Happens In The First Several Sessions?

The first few sessions, the clinician is trying to gather information. You will be asked some basic questions so that your clinician can get to know you and find out what you’d like to get out of therapy. You may find it helpful to share things about your current challenges, past experiences, or important aspects of your identity. In the second and third sessions, your clinician will help make a “road map” which is a plan with goals or topics that you would like to focus on in therapy.

Crisis Resources/Suicide:
If you are in crisis, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room for assistance.

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