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Mental Behavioral
Health Issues

Because East African Healing Services is first and foremost a non-profit organization, our office is open to individuals and families seeking help with mental/behavioral health issues. Our mission is to promote health, raise awareness and improve the understanding of mental health symptoms to individuals and groups dealing with symptoms. Time is very sensitive to those dealing with mental health symptoms and often times can make a life and death situations. This is why we have a very strict process on delivering our promises.

Our Process

Within 24 hours after receiving a referral form, one of our intake coordinator will be contacting client or the referral offices to verified information and discuss next steps. If we determine that client needs our services, our coordinators will schedule complete diagnosis assessment with client and determine level of care. Should we find out that client requires a higher level of service; EAHS will work very hard to get the required level of services for the client and make the necessary referral immediately.

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