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Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services (ARMHS)

East African Healing Services conducts therapy and/or interventions for individuals who have been diagnosed with mental illness, drug addiction, brain injury or developmental disabilities. While these conditions may limit quality of life at present, we hope to open doors for individuals so they may pursue healthier, happier and more fulfilling lifestyles.

East African Healing Services: Service Categories Provided

East African Health Services (EAHS) will provide the four categories of services mandated by the Department of Human Services of ARMHS programs:Mother and Daughter

  1. Mental Health Basic Living and Social Skills
  2. Medication Education Services
  3. Transition to Community Living Services
  4. Community Intervention Services
  5. Peer Support Counselor

Categories 1 and 2 may be provided by EAHS in either an individual or group setting, depending on circumstances and individual client characteristics and needs. Factors which may enter into deciding the most effective modality, include:

  • Whether the level of symptoms of the individual permit social and cultural interactions
  • If gender matching between clients) and the rehabilitation staff member favors group activity
  • If the level of trust the client has with program staff allows them to be comfortable in a group setting
  • Family support for group activity outside of the home

The eleven modules of Illness Management and Recovery (IMR), a nationally used best practice, will be adapted to the treatment goals of individual clients and used as an evidence-based and proven tool to work on goals in categories 1 and 2 to increase understanding and skills of clients. A key part of IMR is to use Motivational Interviewing techniques so that interventions employed are appropriate to the Stage of Change of the client.

Category 3 services by EAHS rehabilitation staff will be used to facilitate Transition to Community Living when either a current client or a new client has been admitted to a hospital, residential treatment program, board and lodging facility, or nursing home, and is returning to community living. Maintaining or developing contact with the client, assisting facility staff to understand the discharge needs of the client, and facilitating family involvement and support of the transition are important to client success in the transition.

Category 4 services to make community interventions will be utilized to overcome critical barriers experienced by a client. These interventions may involve members of the immediate family who need better understanding of a mental health condition or skills to manage the illness of their family member. Contacts with the mosque may also be of great importance to a client to accept mental health treatment.

Scope of Services Provided

  • Medication monitoring and literacy
  • Utilization of community resources, including mental health, physical health, and dental services
  • Money management skills and maintaining financial assistance.
  • Transition to community integration from a residential facility or hospital setting
  • Household management skills, organization, cleaning and home safety.
  • Transportation skills, i.e. Use of buses and community orientation.
  • Interpersonal communication, social skills, self-advocacy, social and leisure functioning
  • Employment/vocational related skills
  • Culturally appropriate integrated mental health care support services
  • Healthy life style skills and practices

Location of Services

Our clients have access to the right care at the right time in the right location.

  • The client’s, relative’s or significant other’s home
  • The client’s work site
  • The community:
    • Drop-in center or recreation center
    • Social setting
    • Other places in the community
  • Referral Sources:
    • Country or contracted Case Managers
    • Medical Professionals
    • Social Service Support staff
    • Self referrals
    • Family members

We have staff who are trained and experienced in conducting services such as:

  • Psychiatric Evaluations
    Our counselors are able to conduct thorough psychiatric evaluations and recommend the appropriate therapies for the individual.
  • Comprehensive Clinical Assessment
    Clinical/medical tests are carried out to ensure that the individual is free from any contagious diseases, substance abuse and other related conditions that may cause more harm to family members or to himself/herself.
  • Comprehensive Evaluation
    We thoroughly evaluate the individual for mental health issues that may need clinical interventions like those involving medication therapy or structured counseling.
  • In Home/Community Based Services
    This approach to therapy allows the individual to go home every end of the day after counseling or therapy and maintain some responsibilities like employment or family care. For some, this helps them to better see the impact of their recovery to the community where they belong.
  • Medication Management
    With the help and coordination of a prescribing physician, East African Healing Services facilitates Medication Management to treat mental health and behavioral health issues. Medications administered in the treatment programs are closely monitored to prevent abuse of substance and make sure that mental disorders linked to drugs/alcohol addiction are addressed too.
  • Cultural Appropriate Support Services
    We treat individuals who test positive with drug addiction or those diagnosed with mental health issues. Treatments are individualized and a plan of care is outlined for each client. The goal is to help the individual in pursuing continuous recovery even after they have been given clearance from the programs at East African Healing Services.
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills
    For adults with developmental disabilities, East African Healing Services offers therapy-based programs with focus in community integration, supported living and supported employment.
  • Individual, Family, and Group Treatments
    East African Healing Services has counselors who can facilitate private therapy services for individuals, families, couples and groups.
  • Evaluation of Capacity to Work
    Individuals are regularly evaluated for their ability and/or capacity to maintain employment. This is part of the rehabilitation program that integrates the individual back to society.
  • Long Term Care and Placement Evaluations
    In cases where the individual needs long-term care or institutional placement, East African Healing Services facilitates continuity of services and transition support from the individual’s home to the rehab facility.

East African Healing Services business hours are Monday to Friday from 8:30 am – 5:00 pm, however we are available after hours for current active clients 24/7 by phone. All clients have a crisis plan in place that they may utilize to ensure safety after-hours. If you are client with us, please contact your worker if you need explanation of your crises plan. All clients are encouraged to call 911 for emergency purposes only.