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About Us

FamilyAbout our Organization

East African Health Services (EAHS) is an association of East African community members and mainstream behavior health providers certified by the MN Department of Human services to provide ARHMS (Adult Mental Health Rehabilitation Services). The cultural and religious characteristics of East African populations have contributed to the difficulty of developing appropriate services, which integrate various healing approaches when it comes to treating mental health symptoms.

Human service providers and members of the East African community who believe that there is a lack of culturally and religiously adapted adult mental health services which are trusted by the immigrant are the driving force behind EAHS.

It’s estimated that there are 100,000 immigrants from this part of Africa in the twin cities and the state. These immigrants and refugees often times experience a difficult journey before their settlement here; including torture, violent crimes against family, and living in substandard conditions in refugee camps in various parts of the world.

EAHS aims to assist and transition these immigrants from their way of life in the past and to the future as they fully embrace the American way of life. EAHS intends to use a combination of culturally specific norms and western medicine as tools to significantly improve our clients’ functioning in both physical mental health conditions.

East African Healing Services is constituted as a non-profit corporation in the State of Minnesota, and has obtained 501(c3) non-profit status in 2014. Five members of the community, with diverse areas of competence, make up our Board of Directors which meets quarterly and plays an important role in guiding the agency. EAHS will serve East African refugees and refugees from the middle eastern (Iraqi’s and Syria) and immigrants living within the five county Twin City metro area. Services will be provided either in the clients’ homes or in other familiar community settings.

Mission Statement

The mission of East African Healing Services is to provide professionally competent and culturally respectful mental health and rehabilitative services to individuals with symptoms that limit their daily lives

Vision Statement

East African Healing Services’ vision is to increase hope, self-determination, and recovery for immigrants with violent and troubled pasts.

Our Focus

East African Healing Services is focused on behavioral and mental health therapy for East African immigrants aged 18 and above who are now part of the Minnesota community. We know that the transition to life in America can be difficult to some. This is where our therapeutic interventions can be very helpful. We assist individuals and families who are striving to achieve independence and self-sufficiency in employment and in their personal lives.

As a non-profit organization, we are culturally-sensitive and client-centered when providing our services. It is our aim to uphold each individual’s dignity by respecting their choices and helping them make informed decisions.

We believe that often times culture is ignored when caring an immigrant/refugee dealing with mental health symptom. Our staff season that its very important to include cultural specific and client centered when providing treatment. It is our aim to uphold each individual’s dignity by respecting their choices and helping them make informed decision—

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